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by Rossi Ralenkotter Event planners have countless things to plan and execute to produce a successful show. Venues, hotels, exhibitors, attendees are all part of the equation that need to be solved, and these details are, of course, critical. But there is another part of the equation that show producers cannot forget–the big picture of […]

Focus on the best experience for your attendees and not what's easiest to organize
4 Steps to Draw a Crowd at Your Event

By Sam Lippman You don’t have to be in the prediction business to safely predict event organizers will see a proliferation of amazing technology introductions over the next several years. Because Lippman Connects produces events for convention and exhibition professionals, we have the responsibility to observe and chart the burgeoning interest in event technologies. That […]

by Jim Curry I am a troll. I troll loads of different people and companies about a whole load of different things. In the past few months, I have trolled a cyclist and a cycling coach. I have also trolled a sports promoter, asking why he promotes boxers with doping convictions. But it’s not always about […]

by Warwick Davies An interesting column in Convene recently advocated working with your competition or co-opting them as competitors, so that everyone can benefit. The piece included a link to a Harvard Business Review article that has a great quote: ‘It’s not who your competition is, but what it is.’ This means that you need to […]

by Latoya Lewis How did you land your first job in the events industry? If you’re like me and many of my colleagues, you may have “fallen” into the profession. But how different might your career have been if you had access to a purposeful pathway to help you discover, explore and pursue your interests […]

Excerpted with permission from Francis Friedman’s The Modern Digital Tradeshow. The new book is available here free.  Looking to the future, marketers have already started spending significant amounts of money implementing increasingly more sophisticated systems. These systems include: •  The ability to track customer and prospect behavior across all media •  Real-time advanced data collection and analysis […]

by Stephane Doutriaux Cryptocurrency has made headline news regularly in the past months, with multiple waves of radical enthusiasm, measured skepticism, and a lot of eager soul-searching on the part of a new generation that is inheriting a world dominated by fear-mongering, economic instability, and species-threatening climate warnings. Bitcoin’s gradual entry into the mainstream and its […]

by Gary Shapiro In many ways, the US economy is thriving in 2017: The unemployment rate is low, the stock market is breaking records and our economy is growing faster than at any time in the last two years. At the same time, fewer startups are being created. And while many large companies are growing, almost every […]