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Bob Dallmeyer Education Fund

The Bob Dallmeyer Education Fund supports exhibition and event industry education and professional development by providing a challenging and engaging educational experience. The fund is designed for young professionals, professionals new to the exhibitions and events industry, those that are intellectually curious about trends and opportunities, and those that are interested in learning about the global marketplace.

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IAEE Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Scholarship

The IAEE DE&I Scholarship was established to promote and bring visibility to the exhibitions, meetings and business events industry for graduating high school students of diverse backgrounds and from under-served and economically and socially disadvantaged communities, in order to create an equal opportunity for the recipient to achieve a two-year or four-year college-level education program. Scholarships are awarded competitively based upon pursuit of a degreed major focusing on exhibition and/or event management. The scholarship includes up to $2,500 in tuition assistance.

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The Helen Brett Scholarship

The Helen Brett Scholarship is awarded on a competitive basis based upon the pursuit of a degreed major focusing on exhibition and/or event management. Up to four scholarships may be awarded every year.

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All donations to these funds are tax deductible.