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31 January 2023 | Positioning Your Attendee Acquisition Approach for Success

1:00 PM – 2:00 PM CT | 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM ET | 11:00 AM – 12:00 PT | 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM GMT | 3:00 AM – 4:00 AM for Singapore and Beijing (GMT + 8)

B2B exhibitions are rebounding with force. Though even in this dynamic environment, success is not a guarantee. Hear the latest research on approaches found to be effective in driving attendance as events reopen and real-world examples of how marketing succeeded in bringing back attendees as well as lessons learned for the future.

Items covered:

  • Topline, key preliminary findings from CEIR’s Attendee Acquisition Study on marketing approaches used to attract professionals to in-person events that have reopened.
  • B2B exhibition executive case studies on approach and results of running 2022 events.
  • Lessons learned and advice on approaches to use moving forward.

Session Participants:

  • Moderated by CEIR CEO Cathy Breden, CMP-F, CAE, CEM
  • Co-presenters:
    • Nancy Drapeau, IPC, VP of Research, CEIR
    • Gregg Lapin, CMP, Director, Event Experience, American College of Healthcare Executives
    • Jennifer Yarber, Senior Marketing Director, Emerald X

This webinar is eligible for 1 CE clock hour towards CEM recertification.

CEIR Webinars are available to all. A $25 registration fee goes toward supporting CEIR research.

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28 October 2022 | A Case Study on Using Predictive Analytics for Health and Safety Measures at Events

Epistemix has helped hundreds of events clients gather safely during the pandemic. Join John Cordier, CEO of Epistemix who will cover a case study of how predictive analytics for health and safety enabled a major event in Chicago to go forward with confidence and discuss what the future holds for key event cities. We will help you be prepared for what’s coming next and make data driven decisions on plans for your events this fall and winter.

This session/course/webinar is eligible for 1 clock hour towards CEM recertification.

Purchase the recording and presentation slides for $30 USD. Your fee goes toward supporting CEIR research.

Some takeaways to include in marketing the webinar:

Epistemix looks at viruses occurring in other countries and how they may impact different countries and cities. The predictive models are 87-98% accurate.

  • We are in a triple epidemic at this time with COVID, flu and RSV
  • Understanding the risk helps to inform messaging on health and safety protocols
  • The webinar provides case studies on what organizers have done to adjust their health and safety protocols, and messaging

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5 October 2022 | Business Events in the Context of Evolving Consumer Demands

Moderated by CEIR CEO Cathy Breden, CMP-F, CAE, CMP


  • Clifford Young, Ph.D., US President of Public Affairs, IPSOS
  • Nancy Drapeau, IPC, VP of Research, CEIR

Webinar Description:

At the recent CEIR Predict Conference, tech ethnographer and speaker Tricia Wang, Ph.D. notes the pandemic triggered a spatial collapse. Pre-COVID, people had separate lines between activities happening at home, at work and in public spaces for entertainment and other activities. During COVID, most activities happened at home, digitally. Today, return to out-of-home activities is happening.

So many questions!

  • What does this mean for in-person business events?
  • What will be compelling enough to prompt people to leave the comfort of their homes to attend an in-person event?
  • What experiences will resonate and convert them to repeat attendees? How can organizers seize the opportunity that digital events might offer?
  • How might in-person and digital events complement each other?

Join this session for a deep dive discussion and insights from a poll IPSOS, a leading consumer and brand firm, conducted on behalf of CEIR and research conducted by CEIR that will help you focus your event planning efforts for maximum success. Come to listen, but also be ready to engage and be prepared to react to what you hear with ideas and examples on how to best resonate with today’s business event consumer!

Consumer research to be discussed was fielded by IPSOS in early September, repeating a poll last done by Harris Interactive for CEIR Predict 2020. Further insights from IPSOS omnibus consumer polls will also be shared, as well as the latest update on the outlook for the US trade show industry per the CEIR Index forecast update.

This session/course/webinar is eligible for 1 CE clock hour towards CEM recertification.

CEIR Webinars are available to all. Purchase the recording and presentation slides for $30 USD.

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6 April 2022 | Cybersecurity Update: Trends, Threats and Solutions

Moderated by Cathy Breden, CMP, CAE, CEM | CEO, CEIR


  • Dr. Jennifer Hesterman, Vice President, Business Resiliency, Watermark Risk Management International

Webinar Description

The world has changed since the CEIR Predict Conference in September 2021. Highly rated presenter Jenni Hesterman is back to provide an update on the current threat environment companies need to consider.

This fast-paced presentation examines the emergent cybersecurity landscape in 2022, including cyberattack and cybercrime trends in the US and abroad, with a special focus on the conflict in Ukraine and possible cyber repercussions.

Dr. Hesterman will examine the growing insider cyberthreat and how to cross-apply US government gold standard strategies to the private sector. Mitigation tactics, including cyber hygiene best practices and building a cybersecurity culture, along with five actionable takeaways, providing strategies to immediately address vulnerabilities.

CEIR Webinars are available to all. Purchase the recording and presentation slides for $30 USD.

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16 February 2022 | Where Are We Now?! An Up-to-Date Look at the 2022 US B2B Exhibitions Industry Today and Moving Forward

Moderated by Cathy Breden, CMP, CAE, CEM | CEO, CEIR


  • John Cordier, CEO | Epistemix
  • Nancy Drapeau, IPC, Vice President of Research | CEIR
  • Allen Shaw, Ph.D., President & Chief Economist | Global Economic Consulting Associates


As forecast, the second half of 2021 marked the start of the recovery of the B2B exhibition industry. Though in December, Omicron surfaced and disrupted the momentum. Despite this, Omicron is different from Delta and business activities are not locking down as extensively as they did at the outset of the pandemic. The big question is, what does this all mean for the 2022 B2B exhibition industry schedule?

This webinar helps you plan your events and business strategy for 2022.

  • Be the first to learn the latest snapshot of the 2022 US B2B Exhibition Industry outlook per CEIR’s January Survey with US B2B Exhibition organizers, including:
  • Benchmarks on:
    • Impact on the B2B exhibition schedule: cancellations, postponements and events that have happened or are still scheduled as planned
    • Influence of the Omicron variant on prompting cancellation of events
    • Impact on event revenue due to cancellations and actions to offset losses due cancellations/postponements
    • Among events postponed/still scheduled/have happened: extent of pivot to hybrid models, what content this includes as well as requirements for participants attending an in-person event.
  • For events that have happened already in 2022:
    • Performance outcomes compared to 2019 editions of events
    • Exhibitor and attendee satisfaction
    • Lessons learned and successes
  • Updated look at the CEIR Index scenario analysis – with forecasts for the US economy and the B2B exhibition industry will through 2023.
  • Updated forecast for COVID-19 in the United States in 2022 per John Cordier, CEO of Epistemix, with implications and considerations for event planning in 2022.

Panelists will be available to answer your questions. Take advantage of the chance to ask the experts your burning questions!

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