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CEIR continues to develop ways to provide rich research. A current focus is to offer tools that can help many in the exhibitions and events industry. The tools developed thus far are intended to aid the industry with more automated analysis bringing the data into an easier user interface.

CEIR’s intent is to continue to find ways in which to make CEIR’s research easier to understand as well as more user friendly. More tools will be developed as more is learned about the users’ experience in order to become even more relevant to the exhibitions and events industry.

  • A tool designed to automate and provide standards for the organizer to measure the economic impact of their event within a respective destination: 


  • A tool designed to provide insights and analytics on any show by comparing their performance against both the overall exhibition industry’s performance as well the sector performance relevant to their event:


  • A tool designed to calculate the exhibitor retention rate for your event and measure it against key benchmarks: