CEIR Census

About the Census

The 2023 CEIR Census is an established and trusted tool for exhibition industry professionals.
The 130-page Census report documents event activity for the continental U.S. states and Hawaii, as well as the top-performing 50 U.S. cities. These rankings are based on four criteria: event count, net square feet of exhibit space (NSF), number of attendees and for the first time, a composite Index for NSF and number of attendees.

This Census shows when and where B2B exhibitions were held with a tally of events from 2019. And for the first time, it also includes the distribution of exhibition metrics by sector and subsector. The composite Index for NSF and number of attendees provides a fuller picture of an event’s size and economic impact in listed cities and states.

The Census offers the following information for every geographical area examined: an overview of each criteria analyzed as well as a breakdown of events by venue type, NSF of exhibit space, monthly activity and, for the first time, the distribution of metrics across each of the 14 industry sectors and their corresponding subsectors

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