Omnichannel Marketing Insights

Omnichannel Marketing Insights

With the pandemic prompting the pause of business-to-business (B2B) exhibitions and other face-to-face (F2F) events in mid-March 2020, both brand marketers and business professionals turned to other channels to meet their business needs. Digital was used extensively during this time period.

In the second half of 2021, in-person B2B exhibitions began again. With this reopening, organizers are seeking insights on the extent that participants will return to B2B exhibitions and whether needs and preferences will shift in any way. Have the channels used during the pandemic foretell temporary or permanent shifts in channel usage moving forward? Will B2B exhibition channel usage change in light of new channels used during the pandemic?

Report One:
Marketing Channel Mix During Pandemic and Outlook Moving Forward for Brand Marketers That Exhibit at B2B Exhibitions

Report One summarizes overall findings from the exhibitor perspective. Results indicate the outlook for the B2B exhibition industry is strong among exhibiting companies that have used the channel pre-COVID-19.

Report Two:
Will Attendees Come Back to B2B Exhibitions? Channels Used by Attendees to Meet Their Business Needs During the Pandemic and Outlook Moving Forward

Report Two assesses the extent by which participants will return to B2B exhibitions, and whether needs and preferences will shift in any way and summarizes overall findings from the attendee perspective.

Report Three:
Mining for Expanding and Deepening Engagement Opportunities Among Those Shifting to Using Other Channels

Report Three uncovers opportunities to expand engagement with attendees and exhibitors via other channels. And for some of this subgroup of attendees and exhibitors – it may be the only way to keep them as customers. Report Three also pinpoints which objectives attendees and exhibitors may shift to other channels and which ones offer the most promise.

Report Four:
Who to Target for Attendee Acquisition

Report Four looks forward and provides insights to help you shape an attendee acquisition approach that aligns with professionals that have plans to attend through 2022. Report Four also documents prospective attendee involvement in the decision to attend and the demographic profile of those coming back.

Report Five:
Who to Target for Exhibit Sales

Report Five provides valuable information about organizations with plans to exhibit including their decision-making processes, marketing budget outlook, and organizational demographics. Use this report to laser focus your exhibit sales approach.