Global Virtual Event Trends

Global Virtual Event Trends

This three-part series provides a comprehensive overview of virtual event trends on a global level. 

This global study is ambitious in scope. It provides a snapshot of the extent of virtual event activity among organizers that typically run or manage B2B exhibitions or corporate events. It details what these organizers include in virtual events and provides benchmarks on participation rates and financial outcomes. It aims to assess what has worked, what has failed and what experimentations have a higher likelihood of enduring long-term.

Thank you to Swapcard for sponsoring this important research series.

Report One: Anatomy of Virtual Events and Financial Outcomes

This report provides extensive baseline data on what is typically included in a virtual event as well as performance outcomes: participation and financially.

Report Two: Lessons Learned To-date and Technologies Used

Given the precipitous ‘pivot’ to virtual events, organizers were forced to launch events and ‘learn by doing.’ this report synthesizes and summarizes these key learnings.

Case Studies

In these in-depth interviews, show organizers from various organizations share their experiences in holding virtual events. Organizations include:

  • Radiological Society of North America (RSNA)
  • School Nutrition Association (SNA)
  • Macgregor Communications
  • North American Veterinary Community (NAVC)
  • Northstar Travel Group
  • Auto Care Association