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Originally published by Smart City Insights What does the upgrade to Wi-Fi 6 and 5G mean, what will each of them do, and how will each impact the convention industry? Continue reading for a primer on these technologies and what to expect in the years to come. TEst. Bandwidth is of the utmost importance for […]

By Michael Doane, Marketing Manager, CadmiumCD Since 2014, Urgent Care Association of America (UCAOA) manages over 1,200 exhibiting companies for their annual UCAOA Urgent Care Convention & Expo. We interviewed Jackie Stasch, Senior Manager of Corporate Relations at UCAOA and an expo sales expert, to learn how she sells booth space and sponsorship opportunities. Jackie Stasch’s […]

By Susan Ratliff, Business Development Manager, Exhibit Experts, Speaker Wouldn’t you love to live in a perfect trade show world where your booth space is magically transformed into the exhibit of your dreams at every show without a graphic hitch, electrical snafu or extra charge in sight? Unfortunately, many of us experience only nightmares when […]

By Marlys Arnold, Exhibit Marketing Strategist; Speaker, Author, Consultant; Trade Show Insights Blog/Podcast Host Following a recent exhibitor workshop, several attendees came up to me with a similar story: their sales team comes to the show, hangs out in the booth and becomes more of a handicap than an asset. They wanted to know how […]

By: Michael Doane, Marketing Manager, CadmiumCD The American Library Association (ALA) is the oldest and largest library association in the world. Roughly 20,000 librarians gather every year for the ALA Annual Conference. An additional 10,000 librarians gather for ALA’s Midwinter Meeting. Collectively, ALA Content Coordinator, Alicia “Alee” Navarro, and her team are responsible for scheduling and […]

We want you to succeed when you exhibit. Avoid these 7 common mistakes when coming up with your in-booth activity via @samueljsmith
There’s a good reason why conflict and collaboration go hand in hand. Always agreeing might be your default when you lack confidence in your idea and want to save face, however, it functions more as a one-way street to boring town.
Learn how you can unburden the load for exhibitors with these 4 golden rules from Remco Pot of RAI Amsterdam
The irony is that almost every single exhibitor could easily improve their results by ditching one or more of the following bad habits and strategies.
Don’t let a small booth space limit your potential to produce big results at your next show. Take time to implement even a few of these strategies and you might be amazed at how exponential your success can be!