CEIR Research Council Spotlight: Christine M. Klein

CEIR Research Council Spotlight: Christine M. Klein

CEIR is highlighting the dedicated members of the Research Council. Read the CEIR Research Council Spotlight on Christine M. Klein of National Defense Industrial Association.

Christine M. Klein, Senior Vice President, Meetings, Divisions & Partnerships of National Defense Industrial Association

Hometown: Buffalo, NY

University of Education: SUNY Oswego

How long have you served on the CEIR Research Council?
Since January 2020

Why did you volunteer to work with CEIR on the Research Council?
One of my colleagues was approached and recommended me to join the council.

What have you learned through your work with CEIR?
Data matters! Well, I always knew that, but having CEIR’s extensive resources to ask industry the important questions is really amazing. Also, hearing the council’s input on pressing issues and concerns we all face is a great sounding board.

How has CEIR research helped your organization?
I have been able to use the data provided to steer critical discussions in our Executive Team meetings.

How can CEIR research help our industry?
Continue to provide reports and surveys that everyone can benefit from.

What can peers and colleagues learn from CEIR research?
Having data that supports decisions internally helps shape conversations and build consensus.

How do you plan to use CEIR research in the future?
As we all go back to meeting in person, data will be key in helping make the difficult budget decisions.

Is there an area of study that particularly resonates with you?
Financial information, revenue, and expenses – and how it relates to shows.

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