CEIR Research Council Spotlight: Toby Purdy

CEIR Research Council Spotlight: Toby Purdy

CEIR is highlighting our dedicated members of the Research Council. Read the CEIR Research Council Spotlight on Toby Purdy of The Expo Group

Toby Purdy, Chief Sales Officer of The Expo Group

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

University of Education: University of California, Berkeley

How long have you served on the CEIR Research Council?
I am in my first year on the Council.

Why did you volunteer to work with CEIR on the Research Council?
I am a believer in research and having a fact-based approach to understanding the landscape of our industry is provided through the work of CEIR. These benchmarks and insights were invaluable during the pandemic hibernation that negatively impacted our industry illustrating the need for CEIR.

What have you learned through your work with CEIR?
There is a universal need for data and the commitment across the industry in supporting CEIR is unmatched.

How has CEIR research helped your organization?
We have benefited tremendously from CEIR in how we use their research in working with current customers to strategically plan, leveraging salient data points from CEIR benchmark studies to pitch new business, and using the annual index study to strategize and plan as a company.

How can CEIR research help our industry?
It is already doing so with their relevant research from the annual Index study to the positioning of virtual/hybrid events.

Is there specific CEIR research/report that has helped you?
The CEIR Index has helped our organization tremendously.

What can peers and colleagues learn from CEIR research?
They can learn how to look at the industry holistically and to better understand variables that impact our industry, both positively and negatively.

How do you plan to use CEIR research in the future?
The same way I have been using it in helping guide us internally and externally, as a company.

Is there an area of study that particularly resonates with you?
The CEIR Index as it helps us understand where the industry is growing and why.

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