CEIR Case Study: An Interview with Carol Miller

CEIR Case Study: An Interview with Carol Miller

Read how CEIR's How to Grow Attendance report series is helping CEIR member, Carol Miller of MHI with her organization's marketing strategy.

How does Carol Miller at MHI use CEIR research for the benefit of her organization? Find out by reading the case study interview below.

Please describe your role at MHI. What responsibilities do you have?

I am the Vice President of Marketing and Communications at MHI. I am responsible for all marketing communications and branding for MHI and our events. This includes attendee acquisition for the ProMat and MODEX trade events.

Describe a few reasons why you and your organization use CEIR research.

CEIR provides great research and information related to the exhibition industry. I use these tools as a benchmark to measure how our events compare and to discover what other groups are doing to promote their events – what is working and what is not working.

How did you first hear about CEIR research? How long have you been using CEIR research?

I have been using CEIR research for over 20 years.

What challenges is MHI facing that guided you to download the How to Grow Attendance series?

We are constantly looking for new ways to engage our target audiences to encourage attendance. We are also looking for opportunities to engage with new audiences. This series provides some valuable information in these areas that we can act upon.

What were your key takeaways from the How to Grow Attendance series?

The results really affirmed some of the new tactics we are using to engage audiences and helped verify that we are moving in the right direction with some of the digital technologies to increase awareness and engagement.

How do you plan to implement those takeaways to your show?

We are increasing our digital efforts into retargeting, lookalike modeling and geofencing as well as in social media engagement.

How has the How to Grow Attendance series changed your outlook on your organization’s marketing efforts?

It has not really changed our efforts, it really just affirmed that we were on the right track with our attendee marketing efforts.

What is your overall feedback for CEIR regarding the How to Grow Attendance series?

It provides great information on the variety of tactics that are working in an integrated way to produce attendance results.

Are there any content or research you would like CEIR to work on and share?

Yes, we are always are looking at both traditional methods of attendee acquisition as well as any new technologies that are emerging. We have an integrated plan that incorporates both, and we are looking for the optimum mix that will produce the best results.


If you would like to participate in the CEIR Case Study or have insights on how CEIR has helped your organization, please reach out to Jannat Choudhury at jchoudhury@iaee.com.

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