2013 CEIR Predict – An UNpredictable Experience Designed for and by Industry Leaders

2013 CEIR Predict – An UNpredictable Experience Designed for and by Industry Leaders

By Bob Priest-Heck, Chief Sales Officer, FREEMAN

As the producers of exhibitions and live events, we know the most precious commodity participants invest is not the cost of registration, travel and accommodations – it’s their TIME.

That’s especially true of our own “industry events.”  There are those that sadly have become “must attends” out of a sense of obligation.  Then there are those special few that offer a rare opportunity for industry leaders to learn something totally new – events that bring to light the vitally important role the exhibition industry plays in the success of every sector of the economy.

And that’s what the 2013 CEIR Predict conference on September 12 in New York City is all about: inspiring confidence in those who will lead our industry forward in UNpredictable times.

I am honored to lead the Planning Committee for this year’s CEIR Predict.  It’s an opportunity to collaborate with colleagues who are passionate about designing a conference that can help us better understand what drives the forces of change in our economy – and how we can use these insights to benefit our customers, companies and industry.

From the start, we envisioned a conference where we could learn from one another in a truly collaborative forum. The result is an idea exchange that will be led by discussion moderators and panelists who are supremely confident that the best days for the exhibition industry are not off in the distant future – but are here and now.

We also sought an exclusive session that would reflect the spirit and substance of our industry by creating illuminating experiences to inform, inspire and surprise. Our solution is “City Talk,” where the mayors of Baltimore, Dallas, Houston and Orange County, Florida will share their insights on what cities and CVBs can do to attract trade show and special events business.

Most of all, we wanted to create a Predict conference that “expands the minds” of industry leaders by challenging conventional thinking about the future of our business.  That’s why we invited Dr. Clay Shirky from New York University to be our Keynote Speaker. The best-selling author, consultant and NYU instructor will discuss how the social and cultural effects of new media communications will continue to have a profound impact on the exhibition industry and “face-to-face” events.

So, if you are a exhibition producer or are in the M&A or financial community mark your calendars and make time to join us on September 12 in NYC – for the “must attend” industry event of the year, custom designed by and for thought leaders… like you!

For more information and to apply, visit www.ceir.org/predict.

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