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Reprinted with permission from CAEM October Communique Article Written by Jeff Tanner, Ph.D., Dean of the Strome College of Business, Old Dominion University Nancy Drapeau, PRC, Research Director at the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) Take a deep breath. Relax. Ignore all the hype. You don’t have to have BIG data to make data-driven […]

By Mary Tucker, CEIR Blog Manager “Let our advance worrying become advance thinking and planning.” – Winston Churchill Predict : CEIR’s Annual Exhibition Industry Outlook Conference will be held in three weeks at the Intercontinental Hotel Chicago, bringing together the exhibition industry’s best and brightest for a look at what the future holds and how […]

By Mary TuckerCEIR Blog Manager As CEIR gears up for its fourth annual exhibition industry outlook conference: Predict on 11 September at the Intercontinental Hotel Chicago, Marina Gorbis has been confirmed as the keynote speaker for the program. Gorbis brings an interesting perspective to the information share at Predict because of her background in research […]

By Nancy Drapeau, PRC, Research Director Being a native of New England, I couldn’t help using Paul Revere’s famous reference in calling attention to the major-workforce generational shift that is about to happen in America. Well, the Millennials are already here, though their presence will continue to grow as Boomers exit for retirement. If one […]

By Nancy Drapeau, PRC, CEIR Research Director When exhibiting, is it enough to buy space, put together a booth and show up? Well, chances are, that will not be enough. Efforts are needed before the event, on-site and following the event to maximize results. Before discussing what type of on-site activities will help boost the […]

By Mary Tucker CEIR Blog Manager mtucker@ceir.org Exhibitions Day Co-Chairs Chris Brown and Megan Tanel, CEM talk with CEIR about the initiative taking place 16-17 June 2014 in Washington, D.C. Visit www.exhibitionsday.org for more information.

Mary Tucker CEIR Blog Manager mtucker@ceir.org Whether the U.S. government officials in generating commerce “get it” or not, exhibitions and events play a big role in the grand scheme of the U.S. economy. Small start-ups to large corporations who are launching new products participate in trade shows because they make good business sense.Countless reports from […]