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CEIR VP of Research, Nancy Drapeau, PRC and CEIR Economist Dr. Allen Shaw share exciting news that benefit show organizers! The Event Analyzer is getting revamped and will be released soon. Read what you can expect from this tool.

By Magda Klimczyk A SPECIAL SECTION BROUGHT TO YOU BY MEETING PROFESSIONALS INTERNATIONAL   This article was originally published by THINK MICE. The meetings industry brings to mind advanced technological solutions. Today their application in the production of all types of events seems to be essential. Interactive, engaging and unforgettable experiences are intended to generate not […]

By Allan Lynch A SPECIAL SECTION BROUGHT TO YOU BY MEETING PROFESSIONALS INTERNATIONAL There is a digital dilemma in the meetings sector. It’s not about event apps or better presentation technology—it’s more basic. It’s the failure of supplier websites to provide useful—and accurate—information. Recently, Marriott and Radisson announced plans for new websites geared toward meetings, […]

Despite the international trade war with the United States and other countries and concerns over the rise of digital offerings that could potentially replace face-to-face interaction between buyers and sellers, the exhibitions industry continues to grow and prove that face-to-face communication is essential to building trust and fostering long-lasting relationships in the marketplace. The Center […]

By Tom Pick Event professionals use many different words to describe their world: Vital. Stressful. Exciting. Exhausting. Rewarding. But one adjective they never use is “dull.” True to form, there are several big changes on the horizon for the live events industry in 2020. But is there a single “biggest change”? Here’s what 14 top […]

By Jessie States A SPECIAL SECTION BROUGHT TO YOU BY MEETING PROFESSIONALS INTERNATIONAL   Accessing and sharing information among various event, venue, agencies and organizations is challenging, but necessary for developing effective situational and operational awareness, and your information must be “consumable” and “actionable” to be useful. Here are some helpful steps to establishing communication […]

By Michelle Bruno A SPECIAL SECTION BROUGHT TO YOU BY INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF EXHIBITIONS AND EVENTS AND MEETING PROFESSIONALS INTERNATIONAL Technology is now an integral part of executing an event. Organizers large and small are feeling the pinch and pull of digital transformation and having to be smarter about selecting, implementing and evaluating solutions. Fortunately, as the ecosystem of platforms and apps emerges, new strategies for dealing with the volume of solutions, the mountain of data and the surplus of new responsibilities are […]

By Scott Stedronsky A SPECIAL SECTION BROUGHT TO YOU BY MEETING PROFESSIONALS INTERNATIONAL [This article was originally published by MPI Chicago Area Chapter.] It’s one of the first things event planners ruminate over as they get the go-ahead to execute the next big corporate confab: What food to serve attendees. Among event planning priorities, yes, the […]

By Mike Doane When an attendee first opens your app, what do they see? What options are they given? Many will receive an experience identical to Twitter or Facebook. A large wall of user-generated posts from around the conference center. The popular wisdom is that this is what attendees want. Peter Wyatt, CTO at CadmiumCD, […]

Michael Doane is marketing manager at CadmiumCD, makers of the myCadmium software platform, an award-winning suite of conference and trade show management products. Visit the CadmiumCD blog for more articles like this. While resources for planning accessible events exist, they often overlook one important area: technology. There are well-documented but lesser-known standards for creating technology […]