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by Carl Landau As a seasoned veteran in the niche event world, I’ve pretty much seen it all. What event organizers should do, mistakes to avoid, and most importantly—how to generate more revenue! I recently sat down with Magnificent Media’s Dave Reimherr for a podcast about live event management for niche publishers. We talked about how to go from thee sponsors […]

by Michael Barnett Virtual reality, drones, artificial intelligence, big data, live streaming, the list of buzzwords “revolutionizing events” is endless, and therefore meaningless.  If everything is a threat to the events industry, then nothing is. But here are four trends indisputably affecting events: Isolation. Instead, consider that a majority of Americans do not have someone […]

by Caitlin Fox When’s the last time you looked at your event’s website through the eyes of your end user, searching for event content you’d need to make a decision about attending? While event websites used to be an afterthought, I consider them to be the front door of a campaign, and of a show. […]

by Jo-Anne Kelleway Matchmaker, matchmaker, Make me a match, Find me a find, Catch me a catch. Matchmaker, matchmaker Look through your book, And make me a perfect match. Fiddler on the Roof   Fiddler on the Roof is a 1964 musical set in the Pale of Settlement of Imperial Russia in 1905, where the parents of three daughters approach a matchmaker to […]

by Michael Barnett What’s your favorite industry event?  It’s a simple question, but it’s a game changer for event marketers.  If your attendees aren’t telling their friends and colleagues about your event, you won’t see the new, qualified attendees who are the lifeblood of your event. Why would someone take the time and stake her […]

by Michael Hart Hard to believe now, but three years ago the cutting-edge technology that vendors were pitching at IAEE’s Expo! Expo! was the mobile app. This year it was an Internet of Things phenomenon that could potentially have a real-world impact on the events industry: wearables–more specifically, beacons. I know, I know. Beacons on […]

by Steve Parker There is a push right now for event organizers to livestream their meetings to virtual audiences. The reason: those organizers see a windfall. How can you profit from livestreaming? Here are my personal tips: Charge the Same Registration Fee. The best way to be successful at livestreaming is to maximize the revenue opportunity by charging the same […]