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This post written by Nancy Drapeau, PRC, Research Director of CEIR This year’s EXHIBITOR2013 was as much a learning opportunity for me as it was to promote CEIR studies and how they can help exhibitors and suppliers in the industry. I moderated a peer-to-peer roundtable discussion, and at this session I learned quickly that some […]

This post written by Cathy Breden, CAE, CMP, Executive Director of CEIR It is nice when good people and companies are recognized for their work and for the difference they have made in this industry. This week, it will be announced that Galen Poss, former chair of the Center for Exhibition Industry Research is being […]

Post written by Nancy Drapeau, PRC It is a privilege to conduct a session with a core constituency, exhibitors; those who are on the front lines of engaging with attendees, to share some of these trends and to facilitate a discussion to generate ideas on how to assure exhibit strategies are in line with them. […]

This post written by Chris Valentine The recent research report from CEIR titled, Marketers Find Exhibitions an Essential Marketing and Sales Tactic, provided some compelling statistics relating to the perspective of marketers as it pertains to the exhibition industry. As we are well aware, exhibiting is a primary method of marketing for companies (in the […]

This post written by Nancy Drapeau, PRC This blog is not about the content of President Obama’s speech, so whether you are for or against the current administration, this blog is still relevant. I am writing to share my experiences on ‘how’ I listened last night. I think it provides insight into the importance of […]

This post written by Doug Ducate, CEM, CMP, President and CEO, CEIR The economic good news continues to thrive despite bad news cycles. First we avoid the fiscal cliff but certain tax increases survive. Then while employment numbers and other economic data are disappointing, the stock market stages an incredible rally. Finally the first of three GDP estimates […]

Blog Post Written by Barry Siskind The recent CEIR report entitled Exhibition Staff Practices focuses on an issue that I have been dealing with for the thirty years I have been in the exhibition business – Exhibit training. The first finding in the report unveils a difference between attendee preferences of the booth staff they would like […]