Top 10 CEIR Blog Posts of 2021

Who made it on the Top 10 blog post list for CEIR? Read to find out who had the most popular posts.

As CEIR reflects back on 2021, we are ecstatic to see the return of face-to-face exhibitions and events. Yes, we are still living with COVID-19, but the industry has adapted and have found ways to create a safe environment for attendees, exhibitors and other stakeholders. At CEIR, we have been tracking the impact of COVID-19 on our industry and we are hopeful that the return of face-to-face exhibitions continues into 2022.

Industry colleagues and peers have provided thought-leadership in a time of uncertainty and worry for the future. The CEIR team has listed out the top 10 blog posts based on the number of views.

10. Virtual Events – an Essential Trade Show Organizer Tactic in a COVID-19 World by Nancy Drapeau, IPC, VP of Research, CEIR

COVID-19 has propelled innovations in many industries, the B2B exhibition industry is no exception. Globally, we have witnessed an explosion of virtual events happening in our space, as documented in the 2021 CEIR Global Virtual Event Study Part One. The trigger has been COVID-19. While COVID-19 remains a factor, and it is likely to be one in 2021, it is essential for B2B exhibitions to jump in and engage with their communities via these types of events.

9. The Exhibition Industry’s New Normal by Doug Ducate, CEM, CMP

When I was asked to share my views on the future of the exhibition business after COVID-19, I questioned why me? I do not have a crystal ball that lets me see into the future. The response was: “What you do have is a wealth of information about the industry and many years of experience that include good times and bad. That makes your opinion more valuable than those that lack that experience.” And it is true that I have experienced a lot since I produced my first event … the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) Annual Conference and Exhibition in Houston in September 1968.

8. CEIR Research Predicts Recovery in Second Half of 2021 by Trade Show Executive

Research from the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) presented during a webinar foresees brighter days ahead, but predicts that the industry will remain in the middle of the proverbial “tunnel” until the second half of the year.

7. What Does it Mean to be GDPR Ready? by Michael Doane, Marketing Manager, CadmiumCD

Running a news organization that is focused on trade shows and corporate events, both of which have The simplest explanation of GDPR is that it is a set of rules that protect individuals’ privacy. The legislation regulates the processing of EU residents’ and citizens’ personal data, including collection, use, transfer, monitoring, tracking, and even viewing of personal data.

6. Trade Show Organizers Say the Future Is Hybrid by Alex Palmer, Deputy Editor, Northstar Meetings Group

Exhibition organizers see long-term value in digital events, with education proving to be the main driver of attendance. These are among the virtual-event trends spotlighted in a new report from the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR). The first in a three-part series, “Report One – Anatomy of Virtual Events and Financial Outcomes” draws on responses from 346 executives from exhibition-organizing companies.

5. CEIR Insights on COVID-19 Impact on Exhibitions Industry by CEIR

Key findings from a survey conducted by the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) reveal that 2020 is not a complete loss for the business-to-business exhibitions industry if COVID-19 is brought under control. CNTV President, Carrie Ferenac had a one-on-one conversation with CEIR’s VP of Research, Nancy Drapeau, IPC, who shared crucial insights into the impact of COVID-19 and the road to recovery.

4. What’s Next for the Expositions and Trade Show Business in 2021? by Don Neal, Founder and CEO, 360 Live Media

The devastation of the trade show, exposition, and in-person event industry does not need another recap or reminder of where we are or how we got here; what we need is a vision, a strategy, and a plan for how each of us can prevail in 2021. We’ll deal with 2022 as we begin the recovery of our sector next year. For now, survival and retooling is the priority.

3. CEIR Predict Top Takeaways by CEIR

And that’s a wrap. Another CEIR Predict is behind us. We challenged our speakers to focus on preparing our industry’s leaders for the diverse scenarios we face today and may face in the future. The result was an arsenal of insights.

2. Creating a Safer Exhibit Environment: Reassuring Exhibitors and Attendees So They Return by Scott Lebwohl, Executive Vice President, SMT expo

How can exhibitors and attendees feel safe to return to face-to-face events? SMT expo answered questions from their webinar audience on ways to assure exhibitors and attendees to return.

1. CEIR’s Most Likely Scenario for the B2B Exhibitions Industry from 2021 to 2022 by Nancy Drapeau, PRC, VP of Research and Analyses by Dr. Allen Shaw, Economist, CEIR

This is the base case scenario, where Dr. Shaw estimates the probability that this scenario will happen is 65%. Better than even odds. Interested readers who want to see the other possible scenario outcomes are encouraged to download the webinar deck. Dr. Shaw notes the best-case scenario has a 20% chance of happening, whereas the worst-case scenario probability is 5%. The four- scenario table is on page 42 of the webinar deck.

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