What You Can Expect from Alex Chausovsky at Predict

What You Can Expect from Alex Chausovsky at Predict

When is the U.S. economy expected to recover? Alex Chausovsky of ITR Economics will provide the answers at #CEIRPredict | 22 Sept. Alex shares a small snippet of the economic insights you can expect when you attend #CEIRPredict.

The B2B exhibitions industry has been slowly recovering from the devastating effects of COVID-19, but we are all wondering when we can safely meet and conduct business with one another in a face-to-face setting. The uncertainty has caused many of us to reconsider holding upcoming shows or looking to digital options to hold events. CEIR has conducted surveys and pulse polls on the challenges and the tough decisions U.S. organizer executives are facing.

To help in your strategic planning and decision making, we encourage you to attend Predict, CEIR’s Annual Exhibition Industry Outlook Conference which brings together executives in the B2B exhibitions industry to learn about and discuss emerging trends likely to impact trade shows and trade fairs three to five years out. The conference is designed with an outward looking approach, bringing in perspectives from forward-thinking experts to stretch one’s thinking.

One of those experts is economist Alex Chausovsky of ITR Economics who will not only share what the economic outlook is for 2020 and beyond, but also how you can apply these insights to your show’s strategic plan and tackle the COVID-19 uncertainty.

Alex Chausovsky recently published a piece on the ITR Economics blog titled, The ‘Stakes in the Ground’ for Economic Recovery which discusses the road to economic recovery for the U.S. Read a snippet below as to what you can expect if you attend Alex’s session at Predict.

Despite the recent announcement of an abysmal U.S. GDP number for the second quarter, which saw the three-month moving average for this broad-based measure of economic activity fall to the lowest level in over five years, we are maintaining our forecast that GDP will begin recovering in the third quarter of this year. Interpreting the GDP decline, and its implications, isn’t always an easy task, so we provided some guidance on how to do it properly in a recent TrendsTalk episode.

Our forecast for the U.S. economy, and the likelihood and profile of the recovery, reflects three distinct areas of analysis:

  • COVID-19 Trends
  • Leading Indicators of Economic Activity
  • Timing and Magnitude of the Stimulus

Read the full blog piece here.

Hear more of Alex’s insights at CEIR Predict on 22 September and how you can use the information for your organization, regardless of your industry sector. Listen to trends, connect with your fellow executive peers and gain insights that will keep your show(s) relevant for years to come. 


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