How to Find the CEIR Research You Need

How to Find the CEIR Research You Need

By Mary Tucker
CEIR Blog Manager

Bookmark this post! CEIR’s extensive library offers a plethora of information about exhibition marketing and the value of face-to-face interaction. So much so in fact, that you may ask yourself where to start when looking for CEIR research. What is a POE 14.01 or an AC39.14? Believe it or not, these letters and numbers actually mean something. They represent a series that has its own area of focus, so you can know where to go depending on what type of information you are seeking. But even if you don’t know what series a report may fall under, the CEIR website offers a search tool using key words to search all CEIR reports.

CEIR Library GraphicHere’s a break down of the various categories of CEIR reports:

Power of Exhibitions (PE): Reports detailing decision-makers’ perceptions on the value of exhibitions in the purchasing cycle; focusing on maximizing the role of exhibitions in the marketing mix; discussing how to attract young professionals to exhibitions.

Face-to-Face Marketing Study (F2F): Powerful reminders of why personal interaction in the business world is absolutely critical.

Guru Report Series (G): Simple guides written by industry experts to help exhibiting companies achieve better results and gain value from exhibition participation.

Marketing/Communications (MC): Strategies for effective exhibit marketing.

Sales/Measuring Return (SM): Specific exhibition-related objectives are analyzed and compared to other media.

Attendee/Exhibitor Characteristics (AC/EC): Profiles of exhibition participants.

International Reports (IN): Methods to attract international exhibitors and attendees alike to U.S. shows.

Industry Tools (IT): Exhibition industry market measurements, growth projections and other future insights.

Resource Center Special Reports (RCSR): Focused reports covering a wide variety of industry-related topics.

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