A Deep Dive into the Generations

A Deep Dive into the Generations

Jen Headshot lo-resBy Jennifer Rivera, CEIR Blog Manager

In the exhibition industry face-to-face interaction is very important; it’s what makes the industry go round. Many articles are taking a closer look at the future of the industry through research on the different generations. Millennials are said to be a generation that could potentially exclude themselves from face-to-face interaction. In the CEIR report Generational Differences in Face-to-Face Interaction Preferences and Activities, findings suggest this opinion is far from reality.

This report shares insight on the generational differences and similarities within all generations currently in the workforce.

  • The youngest professionals have preferences that mirror older professionals.
  • Findings among Boomers and Traditionalist professionals indicate continued commitment and perceived value of exhibitions in fulfilling their business needs.
  • This report suggests that the ability to interact online with colleagues offers synergistic opportunities to attract attendees to exhibitions, more so with younger professionals.

To access the full report, click here.

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