Shipping, Transportation and Material Handling: Cost Saving Tips (Guru Report)

Shipping, Transportation and Material Handling: Cost Saving Tips (Guru Report)

by Jennifer Rivera,
Content Manager, CEIR

No matter what state the economy is in, it is always great to know about cost-saving opportunities. This CEIR Guru Report gives tremendous insight into shipping, transportation and material handling cost saving tips. The most important tip given in this report is to be knowledgeable about shipping, carriers and material handling rates.  Below you will find three additional tips from the report that I find essential, especially for first-time exhibitors, for those new to the job or for companies new to exhibiting.

Shipping and Transportation:

–          “Consider using the official show carrier with onsite representation. Familiarity with an event can help eliminate off target chargers, late fees, and material handling surcharges such as special handling.”

–          “Plan your shipping in advance to avoid air freight or rush delivery surcharges.”

Material Handling:

–          “Read the exhibitor manual and be familiar with move-in and move-out times, targets and rates for material handling. This can reduce your exposure to overtime, late fees, surcharges, and re-routing. If you need clarification on any information, contact customer services with the official contractor.”

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Jennifer Rivera is the new Content Manager for IAEE. She graduated from Tarleton State University with a degree in Communication Studies and a minor in Technical Writing. Mrs. Rivera is new to the Trade Show industry and has stated that she is learning so many new things.  

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