Exhibitors – A Chance to Reflect and Retool

Exhibitors – A Chance to Reflect and Retool

This post written by Nancy Drapeau, PRC
Research Director

This message is directed to exhibitors of all types and sizes, from for-profit, corporate event marketers to not-for-profit organizations and government exhibitors. If you’re heading to EXHIBITOR FastTrak in Boston this summer, I invite you to attend a session I’ll be facilitating Thursday morning on 18 July. It is your chance to hear what the current trends are in what attendees are seeking when they visit an exhibition – what motivates them to come, how they like to interact during an event and how they want to engage with your exhibit staff face-to-face. All these issues are essential to consider when building and refining your exhibit program. In addition to highlighting the trends uncovered in this research, this is your opportunity to brainstorm with your colleagues. Hear what they feel works best in response to these trends and pitfalls to avoid. Together you will discuss ways to ramp up approaches, to position your exhibit program for success.

For more information on this session, visit:  http://www.exhibitoronline.com/fasttrak/session.asp?ID=18

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