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by Justin Hersh, Chief Executive Officer, Group Delphi “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.” This famous quote paraphrased from Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland is at the heart of knowing what you want out of your trade exhibition experience and ensuring that your exhibit has the correct […]

by Jennifer Rivera Content Manager, IAEE Understanding the profile of frequent exhibitors can be very helpful to organizers in helping position their sales and marketing efforts to reach and resonate with organizations that use the exhibition channel extensively today and who plan to increase participation in the near-term future. The Profile of Frequent Exhibitors report […]

This post written by Gwen Parsons, Senior Vice President Nomadic Display Your pre-show promotion campaign was a hit. Your exhibit was awesome. Your booth staff was jazzed to meet with so many customers and potential buyers. You’re back from the exhibition with a batch of sales leads. Now the real work begins. Most business gained from […]

This post written by Nancy Drapeau, PRC Research Director I’m feeling a little philosophical today. On this Friday morn, as I ruminate on the good fortune of working for this amazing industry, I think, what is it about exhibitions that make it a face-to-face marketing vehicle of choice for so many organizations? Having almost double-majored […]

This post written by Nancy Drapeau, PRC, Research Director of CEIR This year’s EXHIBITOR2013 was as much a learning opportunity for me as it was to promote CEIR studies and how they can help exhibitors and suppliers in the industry. I moderated a peer-to-peer roundtable discussion, and at this session I learned quickly that some […]

Blog Post Written by Barry Siskind The recent CEIR report entitled Exhibition Staff Practices focuses on an issue that I have been dealing with for the thirty years I have been in the exhibition business – Exhibit training. The first finding in the report unveils a difference between attendee preferences of the booth staff they would like […]