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Use these highlights from the 2022 CEIR Predict Conference to formulate your strategies for the coming year.
CEIR's Nancy Drapeau, IPC, VP of Research presents why Epistemix's forecasts can help planning events safely.
MPI's World Education Congress (WEC) has not missed a beat despite the pandemic, demonstrating that in-person events remain the top choice.
How has event marketing changed due to COVID-19? Read the write-up on the previously held #IAEE webinar, “Event Marketing, Then and Now: 10 Ways COVID-19 Has Changed the Future of Attendee Acquisition.”
How cybersecure are you? Read the IAEE write-up on the previously held #CEIR webinar, “Emergent Cybersecurity Update: Trends, Threats and Solutions.”

By Michael Weiss, Co-Founder, Ai4 Our industry connects people. We connect people to learn from each other, to buy and sell from each other, and to have fun with like-minded peers. COVID has highlighted how many different ways this value of connection can be offered. There are two spectrums we think about: 1) From fully […]

Epistemix forecasts what to expect with COVID-19 in helping to plan your next event.
Data tell the story of where we’ve been and where things are headed. Epistemix CEO John Cordier covers COVID-19 modeling and how it aids in planning events.
How does the exhibitions and events industry benefit from CEIR research? Watch this video produced by CNTV on what your peers are saying.
Returning to in-person events will likely look different than it has in the past, but fortunately, YOU have the ability to lead the path and establish what the new normal can look like.