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What's to come in the next few years? Read the final installment of the CEIR Predict recap series with Dr. Sam Potolicchio's predictions shared exclusively at CEIR Predict.
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Panelists from the 2021 #CEIRPredict provide key findings on how marketing and digital transformation will impact the future of B2B exhibitions.
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Read about the 2021 Omni Channel Marketing Study Findings, as Nancy Drapeau, IPC; CEIR Vice President of Research recaps key takeaways and study findings.
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Read how the macro and micro environment will impact the exhibitions and events industry

We just completed¬†Predict: CEIR’s Annual Exhibition Industry Outlook Conference 16-17 September in Chicago, IL and we’re proud to say that this was our largest Predict ever!¬† It drew a record-breaking 139 attendees, all top level executives, to learn about the future of the exhibition industry. If you didn’t make it to 2015 CEIR Predict, here […]