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CEIR Vice President of Research Nancy Drapeau expands on key information shared by industry experts and gained through CEIR’s Exhibit and Sponsorship Sales research that show organizers can use to rev up their events.
An insightful interview with CEIR CEO Cathy Breden, CMP, CAE, CEM and Evolio Marketing President Joe Federbush as they discuss the research presented at HCEA Annual Meeting.
Richard P. Curran shares his observation of what exhibitors should consider when returning to face-to-face events.
Robyn Davis of Exhibitors WINH LLC shares the topics show organizers need to discuss with exhibitors to prepare them for their virtual event.
In this two-parter, Robyn Davis of Exhibitors WINH LLC continues sharing her top takeaways from CEIR's Head of Marketing Insight series.
Robyn Davis of Exhibitors WINH LLC shares her top takeaways from CEIR's Head of Marketing Insight series.

By Marlys Arnold, Exhibit Marketing Strategist; Speaker, Author, Consultant; Trade Show Insights Blog/Podcast Host If you’ve ever been in charge of a booth staff team, you may have discovered that not everyone is cut out for booth duty. Granted, there may be times when you’re told who will be working the booth and you don’t […]

By Samuel J. Smith Because B2B marketers spend around 40% of their budgets on trade shows, exhibitors really want to know how to do shows well. And so, countless blog posts offer their advice on the key things you need to succeed at trade shows. We’ve published our own version of that idea here, and we […]

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