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By Tom Pick Here are even more of the best conferences and expositions worldwide focused on education, networking, technology, awards, and career development for event professionals. Catch up, and read Part One here!   Events in the UK and Ireland February Event Buyers Live @EventBuyersLive Heythrop Park Event Buyers Live is a two-day event that […]

Are you planning which live events to attend in 2019? Guest contributor Tom Pick shares Part 1 of The Top 53 Live Events for Event Professionals to attend.

By Emery Leonard, Associate Principal, tvsdesign When making a financial investment in the architecture and interiors of a convention facility, centers look to maximize the functionality and flexibility of their ‘brick and mortar’ investment to better suit the needs of their clients. Architects and designers often assist in realizing targeted renovations that enhance existing business […]

By Susan Ratliff, Business Development Manager, Exhibit Experts, Speaker Wouldn’t you love to live in a perfect trade show world where your booth space is magically transformed into the exhibit of your dreams at every show without a graphic hitch, electrical snafu or extra charge in sight? Unfortunately, many of us experience only nightmares when […]

By Mary E. Boone, Owner, Boone Associates It’s been gratifying to see the evolution of the concept of Event Design over the past decade. Where once “design” was restricted to the province of aesthetics, now event planners all over the world understand that events must, yes, delight the senses, but they must also motivate, engage […]

We want you to succeed when you exhibit. Avoid these 7 common mistakes when coming up with your in-booth activity via @samueljsmith
While it is often suggested that younger people have little interest in exhibitions and conferences, the opposite is in fact true. This new generation is forming strong communities which demand live meetings, says Maurits van der Sluis, COO of RAI Amsterdam. It is their requirements which differ from previous generations, however… What does this mean in practice for organizers, venues and exhibitors?
The irony is that almost every single exhibitor could easily improve their results by ditching one or more of the following bad habits and strategies.
Don’t let a small booth space limit your potential to produce big results at your next show. Take time to implement even a few of these strategies and you might be amazed at how exponential your success can be!
Spruce up your exhibit booth with these 7 essential tips from The Exhibit Expert, Susan Ratliff