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Since 1978, CEIR has been highlighting the importance of exhibitions in today's business environment. CEIR produces primary research studies that prove the effectiveness and efficiency of exhibitions as a marketing medium.

If you are associated, in any way, with the exhibition industry, CEIR can help!

"mdg relies on CEIR data to guide the strategies, tactics and messaging angles it uses to market a wide variety of shows - from large category-leading events  to niche invitation-only exhibitions. Additionally, CEIR research provides valuable insights that assist us with budgeting, appealing to the "next" generation of event attendees and improving the onsite experience. The intelligence we glean from CEIR reports helps us to plan effective campaigns, set appropriate benchmarks and measure results."

 Kimberly Hardcastle-Geddes, President

CEIR Predict

16-17 September 2015
Chicago, IL

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Tournament information:

31 August 2015 - Chicago - Hinsdale Golf Club, Clarendon Hills, IL

14 September 2015 - Washington DC area - International Country Club, Fairfax, VA

12 October 2015 - CEIR Golf Classic at IMEX America - Rio Secco Golf Club, Henderson, NV


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Why You Should Participate:

• Support received from CEIR golf tournaments provides funding for important industry research.
• Networking opportunities – entertain current and prospective clients and spend valuable face-to-face time with industry peers.