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For 30 years, CEIR has been highlighting the importance of exhibitions in today's business environment. CEIR produces primary research studies that prove the effectiveness and efficiency of exhibitions as a marketing medium.

If you are associated, in any way, with the exhibition industry, CEIR can help!

According to CEIR Member Mike Thimmesch, Skyline Exhibits...

"CEIR has tremendously upped its game over the past two years.  The volume and quality of the new research is phenomenal.  You are providing great justification for the value of trade shows, and how to ensure they stay economically viable.  I plan to use many of your new stats in our materials and presentations.  Many thanks!"

CEIR Predict

Thursday, 11 September 2014
Intercontinental Hotel Chicago on Chicago's Magnificent Mile

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Keynote Session: Clay Shirky and John Graham

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Keynote Session: Austin Kim
M&A Session and Lessons Learned
City Talk Session
CEIR Index Session

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Why You Should Participate:

• Support received from CEIR golf tournaments provides funding for important industry research.
• Networking opportunities – entertain current and prospective clients and spend valuable face-to-face time with industry peers.

Tournament information:

Chicago – 25 August 2014 – Hinsdale Golf Club, Clarendon Hills, IL

Washington D.C. area – 8 September 2014 – International Country Club, Fairfax, VA


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