CEIR Releases New Industry Insight Series Report

Decoding Trade Show Sponsorship Opportunities

DALLAS, 28 July 2020 – The Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) has published a new Industry Insight Series report, Decoding Trade Show Sponsorship Opportunities, written by industry expert Dax Callner, Strategy Director at Smyle. Callner has more than 20 years of experience developing marketing programs for some of the world’s leading brands including P&G, American Express, Facebook, GE and others.

Decoding Trade Show Sponsorship Opportunities provides an easy-to-read, practical overview of how brand marketers can effectively sort out which on-site sponsorship opportunities might be worth investing in to maximize the outcome of an exhibit program.

Callner explains, “This report decodes trade show sponsorships and provides actionable guidance to help determine what to do, when to do it and how to explain to your stakeholders (critically) why you are doing it.”

“Dax has extensive experience helping leading global brands use sponsorships effectively at trade shows,” said CEIR CEO Cathy Breden, CMP, CAE, CEM. “In this report, he’s offering his expert guidance that has brought success to them. Here’s a chance to read what it is along with examples on how to apply this invaluable advice.”

This six-page report covers content relating to:

  • On-site sponsorship assets to consider
  • Criteria to assure one is investing in the right shows in the first-place
  • Considerations on how much to spend on event sponsorships
  • Positioning sponsorship investments tied to market penetration status of an organization
  • Aligning sponsorship buys to business goals for exhibiting
  • Shaking your moneymakers
  • Whether to buy a sponsorship package or a la carte

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