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Industry Insights Series

This report series offers readers articles written by leading industry experts. Content provides practical advice to help stakeholders maximize success in the exhibition channel. Topics are focused primarily on helping brand marketers exhibit successfully. On occasion, this series includes articles geared to help exhibition organizers. These reports address both strategic and logistical considerations.

Industry Insights Series

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2020 Reports

Booth Location and Other Factors to Consider to Maximize Exhibit Success
By Richard Stone, CEO, ACT Inc. / EXPOCAD®

This report offers a holistic overview of factors exhibitors should consider when deciding which booth location is apt to work best for them to help them achieve their end goals for exhibiting.

Decoding Trade Show Sponsorship Opportunities
By Dax Callner

Based on decades of experience developing event marketing strategies, this Industry Insight Series report decodes trade show sponsorships and provides actionable guidance to help determine what to do, when to do it, and to explain to your stakeholders (critically), why you are doing it.

2019 Reports

How Exhibitors Can Improve Lead Quality and Sales Conversion
By Jefferson Davis

This 6-page report is a valuable primer for exhibitors looking to implement or compare their approach to best practices at every phase of the process, from the outset of defining lead goals to ensuring effective lead follow-up that helps maximize sales conversions.

Unraveling the Myths About Material Handling
By Aaron Bludworth

This report is a must-read for first-time exhibitors looking to understand what is material handling, which is the shipment of goods onto and off the exhibition floor and how this service is charged. Most importantly, it provides advice on how to plan and send shipments in a way that minimizes that cost.

Demystifying Electrical Services for the Exhibitor
By Richard P. Curran

This report is a must-read for new exhibitors who want to minimize exhibiting expenses, as Curran delineates a step-by-step process on how to determine how much electrical power is needed for a booth; how to clearly lay out where to install power; and other tips and tricks on how to minimize cost and time.

2018 Reports

It’s Not Your Father’s or Mother’s Trade Show Anymore – Engage with Caution
By Barry Siskind

This 12-page report offers advice from a seasoned exhibitor training consultant who urges exhibitors to shift engagement approaches to align with the new dominant generation in the workforce, Millennials.

Designed to Engage – How to Build Elements of Engagement into Booth Designs
By Marlys Arnold

This seven-page report covers content relating to definition of engagement, discussion of the disconnect between what attendees want and what exhibitors are doing, range of engagement opportunities to consider using in an exhibit booth, three case studies and other examples.

2017 Reports

Steps to Build a Client-Centric Speaker Bureau for Your Exhibit Program
By Dana Tilghman, CTSM Diamond Level, CMP

This report makes a compelling case for including a speaker program as part of an exhibit program. The ideas articulated in this report are relevant to exhibitors across all organizational sizes and sectors.

How Exhibitors Can Use Games and Contests To Drive Greater Trade Show Success
By Samuel J. Smith, Managing Director, Interactive Meeting Technology, LLC

This article will discuss what makes a game, why games motivate trade show attendees and tips on how to tailor that game experience for exhibiting success.

2016 Reports

Best Practices for Exhibit Booth Design – for Companies of All Sizes
By Justin Hersh

When it comes to best practices for an exhibit booth design, there are questions to ask that precede the actual content and design process, ones that are universal and essential yet frequently go unasked.

This report explores the “why” and “what” of exhibition booth planning that helps a company – no matter its size – make decisions that result in high impact, memorable exhibition experiences – the kind that build deep connections for a brand and establish meaningful conversations with customers and new prospects alike.

Managing for Results: Benchmarks for Exhibit Growth
By Barry Siskind

This report takes into account that business-to-business exhibitions are versatile and serve many business objectives. It lists 99 reasons why organizations choose to exhibit. Author Siskind advocates following a management approach that allows a tighter focus when exhibiting that supports an organization’s top priorities, a way to quantify what success looks like to use as performance metrics.

99 Cost-Savings Tips and Tricks for Exhibit Managers
By Candy Adams, CTSM, CEM, CMP, CMM

This 12-page, comprehensive report is a “must-read” for exhibit managers, industry veterans and those new to the job. The exhaustive list of savings opportunities includes the top 10 tips for effective strategic spending, as well as tips and tricks to save on tactical exhibit expenses relating to every aspect of exhibiting.

Cultivating an Innovative Culture and Mindset – Even in Mature Industries
By Greg Topalian

The document delineates four critical, guiding principles for organizers to follow to create and nurture a culture that drives innovation. Author Greg Topalian, a well-known innovator in the industry, points out considerations unique to big and small companies. It offers useful information to share with participants involved in strategic planning as well as when assessing new launch, merger or acquisition opportunities.