2022 Predict

Even in 2022, we are not the same as we were when we last gathered at Predict 2021 – as leaders, or as humans. We’re changed. Our industry is changed, and our clients and audiences are changed. Are we destined to repeat the past? That’s up to us as an industry. The future is one we create together and that starts now. That is the purpose of Predict.

Last year’s program represented the radically changed business environment. We explored the economic, geo-political and social issues that hold significant influence over public and private businesses, and individuals.

Topics we covered:

  • The Economy: What does the economy have in store for us? Are we truly in recovery? What are the indicators we need to follow closely? What about the impact of economic nationalism?
  • Cyber Security: With so much focus on physical personal safety, where has that left us from a cyber security standpoint? Are we more vulnerable today than we were?
  • Building Global Brands: Should we be less focused on our ‘shows’ and more focused on our global brands? What does that look like?
  • The End of Digital Complacency: How are industry-leading global Consumer and B2B brands leveraging both digital technology and digital marketing?