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This report documents 22 different metrics used by survey participants to assess the value of attending by pinpointing which are most popular, how users determine an event performed to their expectations and where they feel B2B exhibitions deliver the best value/ROI against each specific metric.

This 5-page fact sheet includes:

  • Snapshot of the decision-making process to attend
  • Summary of the most important reasons for attending
  • Process used to evaluate the value of attending – nature of the process and among those who follow a process, who is involved
  • Attendee NPS (Net Promoter Score)
  • Attendee ROI/Value Scorecard – list of 22 metrics used, how well exhibitions perform per metric user scores and for which metrics users identify B2B exhibitions deliver the best value/ROI

This report is part of a multiple fact sheet series identifying attendee practices in general as well as insights on differences by specific attendee categories.

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