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2018 CEIR Predict
13-14 September | MGM National Harbor

What is Predict?

Over the course of a 12-month period a new business environment has emerged creating more uncertainty. While globalization is important to the world economy and to the exhibitions industry, geopolitical forces, unforeseen just a year ago, is having a tremendous impact and will most likely continue for the foreseeable future.

From BREXIT to a new administration in the U.S. White House, national borders are now important considerations. Conflicts and differences of opinions between countries as a result of politics, including immigration policies and trade agreements are adding additional stress to business. Yet, early in the Trump presidency the stock market does not reflect this uncertainty; rather, there is newfound positivity with the hope that the new administration. and a Republican-led Congress will cut taxes, roll back regulations, embark on infrastructure investment and offer incentives to repatriate profits even though immigration and trade policies could be damaging to the economy.

Adding to this complexity is the continued transformation of how business is conducted with changing consumer trends driven by changing demographics and a workplace shift. Power models are evolving to be more open and participatory and the changing media landscape is having profound impact on attitudes and behaviors. Disruptors are coming at the exhibitions industry from many forces.

This year’s Predict will provide exhibition organizers insights into these dynamic forces and information for effective decision-making.

How is Predict different from other conferences?

In today’s economy, leaders must be strategic, adaptable, and able to quickly respond to changing market dynamics. Change is occurring and executives must be prepared for the evolving model of exhibitions. The program is focused on peer learning and information exchange that will help leaders in the industry to better respond and plan for the disruptors to the traditional exhibitions model, and how to remain relevant to their audiences.