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CEIR houses the world's largest collection of primary, exhibition-related research studies. Hundreds of reports are available to help you better understand the world of face-to-face marketing.

The CEIR Mission: CEIR provides industry-leading research on the exhibitions and events industry which optimizes performance, increases engagement, and addresses emerging customer needs.

Three pillars support the CEIR Mission.

Independent: CEIR produces objective, scientific, peer-reviewed research.

Comprehensive: CEIR research is designed to inform a broad range of exhibition industry constituents.

Impactful: CEIR research helps exhibition industry professionals and businesses to grow.

CEIR reports are used in a number of ways:

  • Onboard junior-level employees and new hires
  • Supplement corporate and association board reports
  • Educate up-and-coming industry leaders
  • Understand and plan around industry trends
  • Develop and validate business strategies
  • Measure performance against sector benchmarks
  • Identify new opportunities and justify business decisions
  • Understand the competitive marketplace
  • Obtain funding for expansion
  • Understand customers—exhibitors, attendees, sponsors, and partners—more deeply
  • Share insights across the business community