CEIR Publishes Fifth Report in Series Focusing on Attendee Floor Engagement Tactics

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The Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) announced today the release of Part Five: Exhibition Floor Networking Opportunities Outside Exhibit Booths, the fifth report in its newest series on attendee floor engagement.

CEIR’s earlier study, the Attendee Retention Insight Study, revealed that a major driver of repeat attendance is the chance for people-to-people engagement on an exhibition floor. In addition to face-to-face engagement experienced in exhibit booths, organizers make other networking activities available in common areas to help attendees meet their people engagement objectives. This report pinpoints which networking activities are most popular and more importantly, which enjoy high attendee use, thus signaling effective attendee engagement.

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“Networking activities on an exhibition floor, when done well, deepen the quality of the experience for attendees with a variety of ways to achieve their peer-to-peer and product expert engagement goals,” stated CEIR CEO Cathy Breden, CMP, CAE. “The trick is to offer networking that complements and does not compete with exhibitors’ agenda. This report offers examples on how organizers achieve this.”

This 14-page report inventories the availability and performance of 10 networking activities organizers can make available on an exhibition floor in common areas. It identifies which activities are most popular, which enjoy the highest rate of exhibitor sponsorships and, most importantly, which enjoy the highest rate of attendee use according to organizers and exhibitors that sponsor them.

In addition to total results, this report identifies unique differences by exhibitor by industry sector, the extent of exhibition activity and other key demographics. By exhibition organizer, differences are reported by an event’s size and regional scope of participation.

Click here to download Part Five: Exhibition Floor Networking Opportunities Outside Exhibit Booths.

About the 2017 CEIR Attendee Floor Engagement Study
Reports from this landmark study series offer exhibitors and organizers a comprehensive resource to help understand the range of attendee engagement tactics used on the exhibition floor and, more importantly, which of these tactics attendees use most – a signal of high engagement. Commentary from exhibitors and organizers is also provided illustrating how key trends are put into action.

The 2017 Attendee Floor Engagement Study consists of the following reports:

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