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2016 Digital Toolkit to Enhance the Attendee Experience

Digital Toolkit

The Digital Toolkit Series takes a comprehensive look at the use of technology at each step of the attendee journey. Each report compares attendee use and satisfaction with organizer and exhibitor digital offerings at different phases in the attendee journey and compares these results with what organizers and exhibitors say is used extensively and what they think attendees value most. Analysis offers a practical way to benchmark activities with industry trends and offers an invaluable guide to help prioritize where to invest resources to meet attendee needs.

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Part One: Organizer Pre-event Communications & Registration Offerings

This report focuses on exhibition organizer pre-event offerings, including digital attendee marketing tactics, digital registration offerings and pre-event planning tools made available on their websites.

Part Two: Exhibitor Offerings

This report compares attendee preferences to exhibitor digital offerings throughout the attendee journey, including pre-event attendee marketing tactics, pre-event planning tools for attendees relevant to exhibitor offerings on an exhibition’s website as well as exhibitor specific offerings on an exhibition’s mobile app, in-booth tactics, and post-event communications.

Part Three: Attendee Technology Profile

This report provides a technology profile of attendees: their attitudes towards technology, mobile app habits, digital device preferences for business use in general as well as when attending business-to-business exhibitions.

Part Four: Focus Report on Exhibition Organizer Onsite and Post-event Offerings

This report compares attendee preferences to exhibition organizer digital offerings during an attendee’s journey on-premise and post-event, including an exhibition’s mobile app, other on-premise digital offerings and post-event communications.

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