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B2B Sponsorship Playbook

This five-part series provides a comprehensive overview of B2B exhibition sponsorship practices in North America.

The B2B Exhibition Sponsorship Playbook series compiles organizer and exhibitor practices in a unique format, comparing organizer offerings and practices to those of exhibitors. It provides valuable industry benchmarks and insights on what is working to help organizers and exhibitors adjust programs to enhance their success.

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Part One: What Organizers Offer Compared to What Exhibitors Buy

This report focuses on the vast array of sponsorship options that are available. In addition to overall results, differences are reported by key demographics for each stakeholder group.

Part Two: Sponsorship Sales Process – Customer Satisfaction, Package or A La Carte? Self-Serve or Staff-Assisted?

This report offers organizers and exhibitors an inventory of how sponsorships are sold and purchased. It also pinpoints areas of opportunity to help boost sponsorship buyer satisfaction.

Part Three: Evaluating the Outcome of Sponsorship Sales and Purchases

This report compares organizer and sponsor results and pinpoints where perceptions are in alignment and where there are gaps. This comparative exercise is of particularly high value to organizers, to identify gap areas meriting consideration and determining how to assure their events have a tighter alignment with sponsorship needs and expectations.

Part Four: Future Outlook for Sponsorship Sales and Purchases

Part Four assesses the future outlook for sponsorships. From the organizer perspective, the report looks at the anticipated outlook for sales in 2020 and for sponsorship buyers, likelihood to purchase sponsorships in the next two years and anticipated level of spending on sponsorships in 2020. This report also compares organizer and sponsor perceptions of gaps in sponsorship offerings and areas where sponsorships, if made available, would enhance sponsor success.

Part Five: Who are Non-Buyers and What May Prompt Them to Buy?

Part Five profiles exhibitors who have not purchased sponsorships in the past two years. It assesses unique characteristics of this group, reasons for not investing in sponsorships and what would motivate them, if anything, to make such investments in the future.