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B2B Exhibition Forecasting Subscription Available

Are you an executive of a B2B exhibition, tasked with setting revenue and spending projections for the next edition of your event and beyond?

Or do you need to set reasonable, achievable attendance and exhibit sales goals for your teams?

How confident are you in your forecasts?

CEIR can help you make these decisions based on accurate projections.

This service provides you with forecasts for the critical aspects of your B2B exhibition used to build and monitor budgets for an event.

Models are built by CEIR’s Chief Economist, Dr. Allen Shaw, who has extensive expertise in econometric modeling. He will build a forecasting/simulation model that is customized to estimate anticipated performance of an event based on its historical performance, drivers in the exhibition industry, overall economic performance and industry-specific factors.

In order to qualify to purchase this subscription, an organizer needs to provide at least 10 years of historical data. This is the bare minimum to enable generating reliable forecasting equations.

Qualified subscribers for the three-year service will receive:

To request a call to explore this service for your organization, send an email to:

“Working with CEIR to create this customized report has provided us with new insights into our show, and actionable information that is guiding our planning and pricing decisions in ways we couldn’t accomplish previously. I would recommend this service to any show organizer looking to maximize their results.”

Eric Wulf , CEO of International Carwash Association