Attendee ROI Playbook Series

Attendee ROI Playbook Series

Background on the Study

A random sampling of B2B exhibition organizers from the CEIR Census was pulled to generate an attendee sample for this project. A total of 21 exhibition organizers in the United States and Canada agreed to participate, with a Attendee ROI Playbook minimum of one event per sector, with the exception of Sporting Goods, Travel and Entertainment. Despite the absence of exhibition participation for this sector, the attendee sample includes a cross-section of professionals across all 14 CEIR industry sectors. Fielding of the survey occurred in April and May of 2018.

A total of 3,719 qualified attendees responded to the invitation to participate in the study, a response rate of three percent. Total results have been weighted to reflect the distribution of attendance by industry sector per the CEIR Index to make results projectable to attendees in general. Total survey results are accurate at the 99% confidence level, carrying a very small margin of error, 2.1% or less.


Many thanks to the PCMA Education Foundation and International Association of Exhibitions & Events (IAEE) for sponsoring this landmark research. All reports released in this study series are available at no charge.

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