New Industry Insight Series Report – Managing for Results: Benchmarks for Exhibit Growth


The Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) announces the release of a new Industry Insight Series report, Managing Results: Benchmarks for Exhibit Growth. This document offers exhibitors a primer on exhibit goal setting that aligns with an organization’s strategic goals and defining metrics that track event performance against these goals.

This report takes into account that business-to-business exhibitions are versatile and serve many business objectives. It lists 99 reasons why organizations choose to exhibit. Author Siskind offers an approach advocating to follow a tighter focus when exhibiting that supports an organization’s top priorities and a way to quantify what success looks like to use as performance metrics.

CEIR President and CEO Brian Casey, CEM noted, “CEIR’s Industry Insight Series showcases advice from leading industry experts. This particular report offers a pathway for exhibitors to assure that their exhibit programs are positioned for success.”

Author Barry Siskind remarks in the report, “Objectives are the ‘fundamental strategy of business.’ Business objectives must be set in all operational areas, including marketing… However, establishing clear measurable and realistic objectives is not as easy as it sounds… One of the most important challenges exhibitors face is developing well-articulated objectives and measuring the impact of their business-to-business exhibition investment against these objectives.”

The report includes the following steps to follow:

  1. Importance of Defining Objectives
  2. Quantifying Your Objectives
  3. Define Metrics to Assess Outcome of Exhibiting to Stated Objectives
  4. Be Realistic About Your Objectives
  5. Establish Benchmarks

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Another recently released CEIR report is a useful, companion report to this Insight Series report, 2015 Exhibitor ROI and Performance Practices. It provides a snapshot of the most popular ROI and intermediary performance metrics used by today’s exhibitors.


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