New CEIR Digital Toolkit Report Now Available

Today, the 展览业研究中心(CEIR) announced the release of the third report of its popular new series, the CEIR Digital Toolkit. The new report, Focus Report on Attendee Technology Profile, provides a snapshot of business-to-business exhibition attendee attitudes toward use of technology, mobile app habits, digital device preferences for business use in general as well as when attending business-to-business exhibitions.

CEIR President and CEO Brian Casey, CEM notes, “This report is a call-to-action to exhibition organizers and exhibitors alike to pay attention to attendee digital media habits. The study indicates that the mobile marketing wave is upon the business-to-business industry today. The pervasive use of digital devices while attending an exhibition offers the organizer a tremendous opportunity to enhance the attendee experience. It also offers exhibitors a chance to maximize engagement with attendees to further enhance the experience of current and prospective customers while they are on the trade show floor.”

Key findings from this focus report include:

  • Mobile device usage is pervasive, regardless the age of an attendee. Nearly all attendees, 96 percent, come with a digital device; 75 percent come with a smartphone.
  • Attendees may be open to being tracked, particularly if it delivers value to them. When it comes to use of attendee tracking technology a majority, 50% of attendees, are comfortable with its use on a show floor and 31 percent are neutral, having no strong feelings either way.
  • When crafting digital offerings, aim for the middle. Study results reveal the largest percentage of attendees wait for technology to mainstream before trying something new.

This report profiles the digital media attitudes and habits of business-to-business exhibition attendees on the following:

  • When an attendee is apt to adopt new technology;
  • Percentage of time spent online for business purposes by device (desktop/laptop, tablet or smartphone);
  • Average number of mobile apps – in total, number for personal use versus business use;
  • Device where mobile apps are typically downloaded;
  • Devices typically used when visiting a business-to-business exhibition and average number of devices brought; and
  • Comfort level with the use of attendee tracking technology on an exhibition floor.

In addition to overall results, this report details unique attendee preferences by age, gender, industry sector, role in purchasing decisions, organizational size, frequency of attending exhibitions and distance traveled to attend.

One additional report from this series will be released soon:

  • Focus Report on Exhibition Organizer Onsite and Post-event Offerings: This report will compare attendee preferences to exhibition organizer digital offerings during an attendee’s journey on-premise and post-event, including a detailed look at an exhibition’s mobile app, other on-premise digital offerings and post-event communications.

Sponsors of this report include Global Experience Specialists (GES)Feathr.

点击这里 to access Focus Report on Attendee Technology Profile.

The two recently published reports from the Digital Toolkit are available here:


本研究从与会者、参展商和展览组织者的角度进行研究。在线调查研究于 2015 年夏季进行。使用 ResearchNow 的在线业务小组生成了 421 名 B2B 展览与会者的全国代表性样本。IAEE、SISO 和 PCMA 旗下经营或管理 B2B 展览的组织的合格高管受邀参与组织者研究,生成了 194 名高管的样本。对于品牌营销人员的观点,使用了 Exhibitracs 和 Global Experience Specialists 的样本,共有 186 名合格高管参与了调查。

CEIR 通过制作和提供基于知识的研究工具来促进展览和其他面对面营销活动的增长、知名度和价值,这些工具使利益相关者组织能够提高满足当前和新兴客户需求的能力,提高业务绩效并增强竞争地位。有关更多信息,请访问


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