CEIR Releases Two New Reports in 2016 Changing Environment of Exhibitions Study

2016 展览环境变化封面

展览业研究中心(欧盟环境影响评估中心) released today two more reports from its newest series, 2016年展览环境的变化. This study consists of 10 fact sheets articulating the power of exhibitions from the perspective of exhibitors, including its most recent 营销人员认为展览是一种重要的营销和销售策略Exhibitions Deliver Unique Value Not Provided by Other Marketing Channels.

“These two new fact sheets provide an up-to-date look at the marketing and sales practices used by exhibiting companies in today’s fast-changing and dynamic business environment,” said CEIR President and CEO Brian Casey, CEM. “It is a call-to-action to organizers to assure their events are delivering the value exhibitors are seeking, as well as think about how to offer exhibitors options to help them fulfill their company’s integrated marketing goals.”

营销人员认为展览是一种重要的营销和销售策略 documents current sales and marketing practices of exhibiting companies, revealing extensive integrated marketing efforts. Business-to-business exhibitions rank second as a marketing and sales tactic being used, and are identified as the primary channel by 77 percent of surveyed exhibitors.

Exhibitions Deliver Unique Value Not Provided by Other Marketing Channels provides insights into why business-to-business exhibitions enjoys high ranking as a primary marketing and sales tactic in today’s world of integrated marketing. Virtually all surveyed exhibitors – 97 percent – identified one or more unique values this channel delivers.

“The data revealed in this latest CEIR study speaks to the continued power of face-to-face marketing at business-to-business exhibitions,” noted EDPA Executive Director Jeff Provost. “It is amazing to see the strength of exhibitions in such a diverse field of marketing and sales channels available.”

2016年展览环境的变化 这项研究深入探讨了参与 B2B 展览会参展决策以及公司其他促销和广告决策的高管的想法。研究记录了当今 B2B 展览会的使用情况、与几年前相比的参与程度以及高管们未来几年的参展计划。

CEIR 感谢其支持赞助商 2016年展览环境的变化 研究:展览设计师+制作人协会(EDPA)、Group Delphi 和 Sho-Link。

营销人员认为展览是一种重要的营销和销售策略Exhibitions Deliver Unique Value Not Provided by Other Marketing Channels 可从以下网址下载 CEIR 网站. Non- members may purchase each report for $49.

CEIR 通过制作和提供基于知识的研究工具来促进展览和其他面对面营销活动的增长、知名度和价值,这些工具使利益相关者组织能够提高满足当前和新兴客户需求的能力,提高业务绩效并增强竞争地位。有关更多信息,请访问 www.ceir.org.

The Exhibit Designers and Producers Association (EDPA), founded in 1954, is an internationally recognized national trade association with more than 300 corporate members from 18 countries that are engaged in the design, manufacture, transport, installation and service of displays and exhibits primarily for the exhibition and event industry. EDPA's purpose is to provide education, leadership and networking for the advancement of its members and the exhibition industry. In addition to providing regional industry education programs through its six chapters, EDPA organizes one annual meeting, tradeshow and golf tournament in a resort location for industry members and their suppliers. EDPA holds quarterly board meetings, publishes a printed quarterly newsletter, monthly electronic newsletter and membership directory. EDPA also hosts several industry awards, educational surveys and supports the EDPA Foundation. Visit www.edpa.com 了解更多信息。

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