CEIR Releases Second Fact Sheet in Attendee ROI Playbook Series

展览业研究中心(欧盟环境影响评估中心) announced today the release of the second fact sheet in the Attendee ROI Playbook series that explores the range of sources that business professionals who attend business-to-business (B2B) exhibitions relied upon to meet their business information and purchasing decision needs. Fact Sheet Two: B2B Exhibitions Top-Ranked for Value in Meeting Business Information & Purchasing Decision Needs documents the B2B exhibition channel’s rank as a valued source in meeting their needs compared to all other primary sources relied upon.

Attendee ROI Playbook 2 Infographic

“This research documents the power of face-to-face marketing. When asked to rank the order of information sources used primarily to meet their business information and purchasing decision needs, B2B exhibitions and communications with vendors and suppliers are tied for number one ranking. Though when looking at the percentage of professionals that rate B2B exhibitions as number one or number two, B2B exhibitions break away and prevail as the most valued information source – 57% vs. 41% for communications with vendors and suppliers,” said CEIR Vice President of Research, Nancy Drapeau, PRC.“Today we live in trust-challenged times where digital media gives professionals access to more information than ever. This research reveals that business professionals look to resources they trust to determine what is real and what is fake. B2B exhibitions rise to the top in helping them achieve this,” observed CEIR CEO Cathy Breden, CMP, CAE.

In addition to B2B exhibitions, this fact sheet identifies five additional information sources relied upon primarily by B2B exhibition attendees to meet their business information and purchasing decision needs and reports the ranking and results of these sources in order of value to them. This report is part of a multiple fact sheet series identifying attendee practices in general as well as insights on differences by specific attendee categories.

由于 PCMA 教育基金会和 IAEE 对本研究的慷慨赞助,本研究系列发布的所有报告均可在 CEIR 网站上免费获取 这里.

“CEIR thanks the PCMA Education Foundation for supporting our efforts in providing this vital research to our industry,” added Breden.

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