CEIR 发布新的行业洞察报告



DALLAS, 23 July 2019 – Today the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (欧盟环境影响评估中心) announces a new Industry Insight Series Report, 揭开有关物料搬运的迷思, written by Aaron Bludworth, President and CEO of Fern, with contributions by Neil McMullin, Senior Vice President of Shared Services at Fern and longstanding Executive Director of ESCA, Larry Arnaudet.

This report is a must-read for first-time exhibitors looking to understand what is material handling, which is the shipment of goods onto and off the exhibition floor and how this service is charged. Most importantly, it provides advice on how to plan and send shipments in a way that minimizes that cost.

In this article, author Aaron Bludworth emphasizes the importance of doing one’s homework, planning well to avoid unnecessary charges. He states: “Understand the costs for your show: don’t get surprised! Familiarize yourself with the show services, including pricing and deadlines, and take advantage of the best pricing.”

“Education is essential to an exhibitor’s ability to minimize the cost of material handling,” said CEIR Chief Executive Officer Cathy Breden, CMP, CAE. “Knowing what goes into calculating this expense is key and organizers should educate exhibitors about options to help make the right choices and understand how to minimize costs. CEIR thanks Aaron, Neil and Larry for offering their extensive, practical expertise on this subject.”

This six-page report provides a comprehensive overview of what material handling is: what expenses and factors impact charges and advice on how to limit this cost. It includes:

  • Definition of exhibition material handling
  • Expenses incurred that are factored in the material handling charges for an exhibition
  • Categories of how material handling is typically charged
  • Sample calculation of how material shipment is typically computed
  • Advice on how to manage material handling expenses
  • Detail on material cost factors, offering explanations that can help exhibitors think through the type of shipment they want to invest in and pay attention to dates, times of day and other details that can impact costs.

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