CEIR 发布 B2B 展览赞助手册系列第三部分

How Organizers and Sponsors Evaluate the Outcome of Sponsorships

DALLAS, 11 February 2020 – 今天,展览业研究中心(欧盟环境影响评估中心) released the third in a five-part series providing a comprehensive overview of business-to-business (B2B) exhibition sponsorship practices in North America. The B2B 展会赞助手册系列 以独特的形式汇编组织者和参展商的做法,将组织者和参展商的产品和做法进行比较。它提供了宝贵的行业基准和见解,帮助组织者和参展商调整计划,提高成功率。

“This report signals the critical importance of investing in an evaluation process,” said CEIR Vice President of Research Nancy Drapeau, PRC. “Organizers and sponsors are cautioned to select performance metrics wisely. Results suggest that tying performance metrics to the business goals, or objectives for exhibiting sponsorships aim to support, provides the most actionable results for planning moving forward.”

“This research finds there are gaps between how organizers and sponsors perceive sponsorships,” added CEIR CEO Cathy Breden, CMP, CAE, CEM. “It also finds that too many sponsors are unable to determine if their sponsorship investments were worthwhile. Dissatisfaction is not the issue, neutrality is – meaning they do not have a feeling one way or the other on the success of the investment. Consultative selling will naturally close those perception gaps.

“By using this approach, organizers will have a more precise understanding of what sponsors want to achieve, and can link prospective sponsorship buyers with options that will help them succeed. Though it does not stop there; organizers need to help sponsors define performance metrics at the outset and, where possible, provide the data that demonstrates the investment was worthwhile.”

第三部分:评估赞助销售和购买的结果 offers organizers and exhibitors a range of industry benchmarks, including:

  • Organizer: Percentage that have a process in place for evaluating the outcome of sponsorship programs, metrics used, which metrics are most effective in generating results.
  • Exhibitors who have purchased sponsorships: Percentage that have a process in place for evaluating the outcome of sponsorship investments, metrics used, satisfaction rates with outcomes, which overall goals for exhibiting sponsorships aim to support, for which sponsorships are most effective.


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