CEIR Publishes Seventh Report in Series Focusing on Attendee Floor Engagement Tactics

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展览业研究中心(欧盟环境影响评估中心) announced today the release of Part Seven: Exhibition Floor Learning Activities Outside Exhibit Booths, the seventh report in its newest series on attendee floor engagement.

CEIR’s earlier study, the Attendee Retention Insight Study, revealed that a driver of repeat attendance is the chance for learning engagement opportunities on an exhibition floor. Learning activities on an exhibition floor are a driver for repeat attendance, especially for smaller exhibitions.

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Many business-to-business exhibitions offer conference programs that take place in meeting rooms away from the trade show floor. This study reveals that 85 percent of organizers provide learning opportunities on the show floor as well.

When it comes to exhibition floor learning activities, interactive formats are more likely to enjoy the highest level of attendee use.

“Offering attendees learning opportunities on a show floor is a powerful way to enrich the attendee experience,” stated CEIR CEO Cathy Breden, CMP, CAE. “It offers additional ways to help them achieve their learning objectives. This is a win-win for attendees that participate and for exhibitors that sponsor these activities.”

This 14-page report inventories the availability and performance of 11 learning activities organizers can make available on an exhibition floor in common areas. It identifies which activities are most popular, which enjoy the highest rate of exhibitor sponsorships and most importantly, which enjoy the highest rate of attendee use, according to organizers and exhibitors that sponsor them.

In addition to total results, this report identifies unique differences by exhibitor, by industry sector, the extent of exhibition activity and other key demographics. By exhibition organizer, differences are reported by an event’s size.

Click here to download Part Seven: Exhibition Floor Learning Activities Outside Exhibit Booths.

About the 2017 CEIR Attendee Floor Engagement Study
Reports from this landmark study series offer exhibitors and organizers a comprehensive resource to help understand the range of attendee engagement tactics used on the exhibition floor and more importantly, which of these tactics attendees use most – a signal of high engagement. Commentary from exhibitors and organizers is also provided illustrating how key trends are put into action.

2017 年观众参与度研究 consists of the following reports:

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