CEIR 研究委员会聚焦:Sacha Carey,CEM

CEIR 研究委员会聚焦:Sacha Carey,CEM

CEIR 重点介绍了研究委员会的敬业成员。阅读 CEIR 研究委员会聚焦水环境联合会的 Sacha Carey

Sacha Carey, CEM, Senior Director, Corporate Development of Water Environment Federation

家乡: Pittsburgh, PA

教育大学: University of Massachusetts, Amherst –  BA in Chinese Language and Literature

您在 CEIR 研究委员会?
This is my second year.

您为什么自愿与 CEIR 研究委员会合作?
I had just wrapped up three years on the IAEE MATSO Council, which was extremely valuable and rewarding, so I was definitely interested in getting involved with another Council. 

您通过在 CEIR 的工作学到了什么?
It’s interesting to hear what’s keeping other organizers up at night and seeing similarities and differences between non-profit, for profit and independent or association organizers in how we do things and what we want to know. 

CEIR 研究对您的组织有何帮助?
The Event Performance Analyzer tool requires a lot of data input but what you get out of it is really useful. I also used all of the Attendee ROI Playbook series and shared with Marketing. 

CEIR 研究如何帮助我们的行业?
The pandemic is a catalyst for rapid change in the events industry. CEIR research is helping us all keep our finger on the pulse of our industry stakeholders (exhibitors, sponsors, attendees, other event organizers and suppliers). This gives us data to compare our theories and experiences and determine our path forward. 

有没有具体的 CEIR 研究/报告对您有帮助?
The pulse surveys about event cancellations, move to virtual, how much revenue is being made in virtual, and when people plan to return to live and what’s happening with hiring have been very helpful to get a sense of where things are going.

同行和同事可以从 CEIR 研究中学到什么?
Spend the time to browse around at the different research that has been done by CEIR. There are all sorts of reports that you can use to guide your visioning and planning. 

您计划将来如何使用 CEIR 研究?
There is a study going out soon on omnichannel marketing that I’m looking forward to seeing.  My organization has seen some changes in what clients are spending their marketing dollars on and I’m interested to see how that will change once live events resume.

Everything that CEIR puts out is worth reading. They do a great job curating topics and getting input from stakeholders to make sure their topics are important and worthwhile. 




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