CEIR 案例研究:对 The Trade Group 的 Stephanie Chavez 的采访

CEIR 案例研究:对 The Trade Group 的 Stephanie Chavez 的采访

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How do you evaluate that your exhibition has given value to your attendees? The Attendee ROI Playbook series addresses the process of how attendees evaluate the outcome or the metrics most commonly used to determine where the trip was worthwhile. To gather insight as to how CEIR subscribers benefited from the research, Stephanie Chavez of The Trade Group shares her takeaways from the 与会者投资回报率手册系列.


I am the Director of Marketing for The Trade Group.

The Trade Group is an award-winning, full-service event marketing and creative design firm, specializing in trade shows, esports events and activations, corporate events, brand activations, retail merchandising, commercial graphics and experiential solutions. Since 1986, our team of live event, design and engineering experts has helped thousands of clients amplify their brands and successfully navigate a wide range of events and experiences.

I’m responsible for marketing our vast array of turnkey exhibit and event services, as well as supporting our team of 30 sales consultants to ensure they have the materials necessary to show TTG is the right choice.

描述您和您的组织使用 CEIR 研究的几个原因。

We use CEIR research in order to keep up with industry trends, insights, and the needs/desires of attendees and exhibitors alike. The more we can understand the minds of our attendees, the better we can create engaging experiences for our clients for maximum ROI. Additionally, understanding the overall trends in our industry is essential for future planning and strategy for our organization as a whole.


您是如何第一次听说 CEIR 研究的?您使用 CEIR 研究多久了? 

When I joined TTG in 2015, I was immediately told about CEIR as a go-to resource for important information regarding the event and trade show industry. I have been using it since.


The key takeaways were that most attendees do not have a formal process in deciding what shows to attend – only 10% reported having a formal evaluation process.

I thought the reasons for attending was very interesting, and I loved the breakdown of motivations into the various buckets:

  • Shop
  • Learn
  • Experience
  • Value/Prestige
  • Logistics

Part 5 of the series, I enjoyed the analysis of motivations among different generations. Millennials looked to B2B exhibitions as their primary information source in meeting attendee business information and purchasing decision needs – even more so than Gen Xers and Boomers.

Attendee ROI Playbook 2

Part 6 of the series, it was interesting to know that while male attendees focus more on the shopping aspect of trade shows, women focus on shopping as well as learning.

Attendee ROI Playbook 3


As an exhibit house and experiential firm, it is important for us to understand the trends in attendees so that we can consult with our clients regarding their trade show and event programs and ensure their trade show program is meeting the needs of attendees so that they can generate maximum ROI.


It is clear that face-to-face events and experiences are still the top choice, especially for millennials. Creating memorable and sharable experiences is important, as well as providing opportunities for attendees to easily shop and to learn (via workshops and educational sessions).

Attendee ROI Playbook 4

您对 CEIR 关于与会者投资回报率手册系列的总体反馈是什么?

This is a very in-depth and detailed playbook, and I appreciate the extensive amount of data and insight provided.


Yes, I would recommend this series to my industry peers. It is important to keep your thumb on the current trends in the trade show and event space so that attendees are engaged, and ROI for the exhibitors is maximized.




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