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By Allan Lynch A SPECIAL SECTION BROUGHT TO YOU BY MEETING PROFESSIONALS INTERNATIONAL There is a digital dilemma in the meetings sector. It’s not about event apps or better presentation technology—it’s more basic. It’s the failure of supplier websites to provide useful—and accurate—information. Recently, Marriott and Radisson announced plans for new websites geared toward meetings, […]

By Maurits van der Sluis, COO, RAI Amsterdam A SPECIAL SECTION BROUGHT TO YOU BY RAI AMSTERDAM Surface area is simply a way of creating value. So why do we still charge for square feet used on our invoices and not for ROI? What can you as an organizer do right now to boost the […]

Thank you to session sponsor, Freeman! As humans become more involved with the digital age, we fear face-to-face interactions will become obsolete. However, at CEIR Predict, C-suite executives gather to dispel the idea that their industry will slowly disintegrate. Thought-leaders in various areas of expertise proved how human connection is and will continue to be […]

Trade show games are a proven, yet dramatically underused activity to get more potential customers into your booth.

by Rossi Ralenkotter Event planners have countless things to plan and execute to produce a successful show. Venues, hotels, exhibitors, attendees are all part of the equation that need to be solved, and these details are, of course, critical. But there is another part of the equation that show producers cannot forget–the big picture of […]

by Gary Shapiro In many ways, the US economy is thriving in 2017: The unemployment rate is low, the stock market is breaking records and our economy is growing faster than at any time in the last two years. At the same time, fewer startups are being created. And while many large companies are growing, almost every […]

by Caroline Meyers Think about the last time you went a trade show, conference or networking event. There was a hubbub of noise and conversation. You are there to learn, meet, listen and, if you are booth staff, greet and teach. Imagine that you are approached by someone, or maybe are seated next to someone, […]

by Bob James A telling statistic lies deep within CEIR’s new report, Cost to Attract Attendees. It could in part explain why association-owned shows have recently seen a falloff in attendance, exhibits and income. Association organizers, according to the new report, have cut their marketing spend during the past four years. Associations now spend 20% less on attendee […]

by Michael Hart You had to figure it was going to end sooner or later: After 25 consecutive quarters, tradeshow industry performance experienced a decline at the end of 2016, according to the most recent CEIR quarterly report. The year-over-year decline was a modest 0.4 percent in the fourth quarter of 2016. The decline in […]

by David Brull Event marketing will never go away. In fact, it’s gaining importance to exhibitors, even with so many other distractions out there. According to The State of Customer Marketing 2017, a survey of over 200 marketing leaders (primarily from B2B companies), companies identified three key areas for success in customer marketing efforts: relationship building, communication and customer […]