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There is hope in today’s event marketplace, but how close is the return face-to-face events? CEIR VP of Research, Nancy Drapeau, PRC highlights trends from the latest CEIR research to the IAEE DC Chapter.
CEIR's VP of Research Nancy Drapeau, PRC was featured on the In Case Of An Event podcast, where she discusses trends from the Global Virtual Event Trends research series.
It's safe to say that the industry wants to return to face-to-face exhibitions. Read CEIR's analysis on the most likely scenario for the exhibitions industry for 2021-2022.
CEIR releases insights into the recovery of the U.S. B2B exhibitions industry for 2021.
In the latest CEIR blog, CEIR VP of Research, Nancy Drapeau, PRC shares why virtual events are an essential trade show tactic in today’s world. Stay tuned for an important CEIR webinar discussing key findings from the latest research study!
CEIR VP of Research, Nancy Drapeau, PRC sat down with Marlys Arnold of Exhibit Marketers Cafe where she shared matchmaking and networking trends.
Attendees are, arguably, the most important part of the event ecosystem. Without attendees, we wouldn’t have exhibitors. Or revenue. Or jobs. Therefore, it’s imperative that we keep our fingers on the pulse of changing attendee sentiment so we know how to re-attract them to our events (and keep them coming back) as soon as it’s deemed safe to do so.
With COVID-19 halting face-to-face interaction at B2B exhibitions, matching buyers and sellers is more important than ever.
CEIR VP of Research, Nancy Drapeau, PRC and CEIR Economist Dr. Allen Shaw share exciting news that benefit show organizers! The Event Analyzer is getting revamped and will be released soon. Read what you can expect from this tool.

It’s a bold new world for exhibitions and events. “We have so many unknowns in our environment right now that we just don’t know when events are going to come back,” says CEIR CEO Cathy Breden, CMP, CAE, CEM. The industry is adapting to the unknowns and doing what is possible to provide events to […]